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Online TAX RETURN (Basic) - From $ 29

Basic On-Line tax Return

For as little as $ 29 , T-Tax tax accountants can help you professionally complete your Australian on-line tax return.

Most people visiting our website are doing this Tax Return – it is a basic tax return for an individual which includes up to 2 Group Certificates, up to 2 dividends received if applicable and up to $500 worth of deductions

Information you will require to fill out the Basic Tax Return for $29 is listed below. If items do not apply to your situation, then just leave them out.  If you do not have certain information, do not worry, our qualified Accountants will contact you if they require any further information.

Tax File Number 
Which year you are doing the tax return for
Personal Details – address, email  and telephone numbers
Banking details if we are deducting our fee from your refund
Group certificates – up to 2

Interest earned on bank accounts
Government allowances such as centrelink, austudy, newstart, parenting, etc
Dividends received – up to 2

Work related expenses that you pay personally such as fuel, materials, work clothing, vehicle, etc – up to $500 worth
Prior Tax Agent fees

Education tax offsets – if you are receiving Family Tax Benefit A – stationery, books, computer receipts
Out of pocket medical receipts over $2000

Private health insurance annual tax statement



$ 29

Individual Tax return, Includes up to 2Group Certificates.



$ 39

Basic Tax Return Which includes 2-3 Group Certificates.



$ 59

Standard Tax Return Which includes Unlimited Group Certificates, spouse & dependents, rental Property, shares


Advanced from

$ 69

If you run a business or are self employed you will fall into this category