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To assist you in submitting all the relevant information that the Tax Office requires, we have put together a list of the items you will require in order to complete a Tax Return.


Rental Property:
Private Health Insurance:  end of year statement
Bank Interest: bank statements showing interest earned
Government payments/ Centrelink PAYG Summaries: if you received Austudy, Newstart, Parenting payment (single) or any government payments:
Foreign income:


Education: if you receive Family Tax Benefit Part A and have school going children, then you qualify to claim certain expenses such as school uniforms, school books, stationery, computer expenses, and a percentage of your home internet costs.
Rental Property Expenses:
Medical Expenses:
Work Related Expenses: receipts for any items purchased for work, ie boots, uniforms, tools, mobile phone, union fees, etc
PAYG Summaries: of all jobs held during the financial year

Sole Trader:

ABN (Australian Business Number):
Business Activity Statements: copies of BAS lodged during the financial year (if you are GST registered):
Bank Statements: copies of all bank statements
Invoices: copies of all invoices issued during the financial year
Business Receipts: eg fuel, materials, telephone, etc or spreadsheet from your bookkeeper
Depreciation schedule:  from previous year (if applicable)

Own a Rental Property:

Loan Statements:
Rental Agency: end of year statements
Rate Notice:
Body Corporate Statements:
Repairs & Maintenance: receipts
Depreciation Schedule: from previous year or quantity surveyor report
Travel: log book related to rental property, eg for inspections
Other expenses: receipts that you have incurred on property

Share Ownership:

Dividend Statements:
Loan Statement: if you have a marginal loan
If you have sold shares:

  • Purchase contract
  • Sale contract
  • If you reinvest your dividends, all dividend statements will be required


$ 29

Individual Tax return, Includes up to 2Group Certificates.



$ 39

Basic Tax Return Which includes 2-3 Group Certificates.



$ 59

Standard Tax Return Which includes Unlimited Group Certificates, spouse & dependents, rental Property, shares


Advanced from

$ 69

If you run a business or are self employed you will fall into this category